A Personal and Intimate Wedding on the Fife Coast

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Vicki Heath and Ben Silk
Sunday 26th July 2015
The Lady’s Tower, Elie, Fife
Photography: Caro Weiss Photography

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When it comes to unique Scottish venues, we’ve seen a few marvels. But this tiny tower, teetering on the edge of the rugged Fife coast, is one for the scrapbook! Bride Vicki explains the significance of the special venue herself and groom Ben chose for their celebrations.

“We wanted an outdoor location and when we came across the Lady’s Tower in Elie, we just knew it was perfect. It’s a dramatic setting, especially when it’s windy like it was on our wedding day; in fact it’s a bit of a wind tunnel!” she laughs. The tower also holds special personal meaning for the couple: from there, you can see St Monans’ Castle ruins where Ben proposed and the village the couple now call home.

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The couple decided on an intimate ceremony, complete with a subtle nod to Scottish tradition- drinking from the Quaich. “We wanted to focus more on the marriage part, rather than holding a big party,” explains Vicki.
There was no theme; instead, the couple chose bright colours for their flowers, buttonholes and bridesmaid dresses and kept their nuptials simple and sweet. As Ben is originally from Sussex, the couple also decided to throw a party in a field in his home county a week after their wedding.

After all, why have one big day when you can have two?

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Getting ready for the wedding was a highlight for this couple. The morning of the wedding, the couple kept themselves relaxed by taking Freddie, their gorgeous Sprocker puppy- who we are told has a penchant for socks and hugs “ on a walk. This handsome pup was also an integral part of the day, attending the ceremony and getting his moment in the spotlight with some fabulous pictures!

When it came to the First Look shoot (when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony takes place), the photos had us welling up slightly! “Ben’s little face when he saw me was gorgeous, he looked so happy,” reminisces Vicki. “Then, right after, we were greeted by a gathering of ladies from the village as we made our way to the car “ they were all throwing confetti and cheering!”

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Photographer Caro Weiss was on hand to make sure the couple’s memories were captured perfectly. “Caro has a stunning online portfolio and a style of photography that obviously makes all of her subjects feel utterly relaxed; we certainly did on our day!” say the couple.

“After the ceremony, Caro took us off for 20 minutes or so for some photos and we got to spend some quality time together as man and wife. It was so wonderful to stop for a few minutes and enjoy each other; the day had been so hectic up to that point. And Freddie came with us too, of course!”

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When it came to the planning, Vicki and Ben truly stuck to their guns.

“It was all really straightforward because we did exactly what we wanted to do, how we wanted to do it”, explains Ben. “We didn’t worry about offending people who weren’t invited, or about doing what’s expected, or about what’s cool and bang on trend. We just focussed on what would make us happy and for us that was having a day just for the ceremony with only our closest family and friends beside us”.

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Caro has a truly beautiful approach to photography, admitting she views it as a privilege to photograph people in love.

This relaxed and soft approach shows in the stunning images she captures, effortlessly merging nature and couple, colour and shade.



Venue: The Lady’s Tower, Elie, Fife
Photographer: Caro Weiss Photography. “It was refreshing to see wedding photos without people posing for the camera in a row or a horseshoe”
Dress: Rebecca Lombard-Earl, Bex Brides. “She clearly adores her job and the brides she works with. She’s also an award-winner!”
Groomsmen Outfits: Walker Slater, Edinburgh 
Caterers: Cheese from The Old Cheese Shop, St Andrews. “Because we love cheese and this shop rocks!” Smoked goodies from East Pier Smokehouse, St Monans. “Apparently smoking is bad for you, but this local little fish shop is an exception to that rule!”
Florist: Catherine at Blue Poppy Florist. “A lovely local girl who grows the most amazing array of wild flowers”
Jewellery: “Our rings were both handmade by our witness Gemma Reilly, making them all the more special!”
Make-up: Aileen from The Vintage Beauty Box, St Andrews 

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SWD LOVES… this little guy (the couple’s dog Freddie!) He’d steal the show at any big day!