8 ways to keep children entertained at your wedding

Keeping children entertained at your wedding can be tough, but we’ve found some inexpensive ways to make it work…

8 ways to keep children entertained at your wedding
A kid’s table is a great idea for your littlest guests

You’ve decided you want a child friendly wedding. The invitations have went out, the RSVPs are coming in and you suddenly wonder; how are you going to keep your nearest and dearest’s little ones entertained during your big day?

You want to keep tantrums to a minimum and have even your youngest guests enjoying your celebrations.

We share 5 of our favourite kid friendly wedding tips to keep your mini guests smiling.

Kid’s Den

Ask your venue if they have a small side room or other area that can be used as a place for children to relax, ideally somewhere for even your youngest guests to be able to play in or watch a film.

Alternatively, Bella’s Adventures bell tents are a dreamy set up for kids with a whole range of activities able to be set up for the ultimate childrens only den with toys, games and books.



Fun and Games

Sometimes all you need is a good old fashioned board game to keep children laughing. If you are having a summer wedding with access to outdoor land, set up some garden games like giant jenga or hop scotch (weather permitting, of course).

A bouncy castle is a sure bet of happy mini guests too if the venue allows it. If you need to keep the fun indoors, you could have a games corner with board game favourites.

To entertain kids young and old, a magician always goes down a treat like James Kennedy Close Up Magician or Renz Novani Wedding Magician.


Oh, Goodie!

To keep your little guests entertained at the dinner table, try a goodie bag or activity pack instead of a wedding favour. You can get personalised kids boxes to put your goodies in, or maybe a drawstring bag with their own name tag would suit better. A special colouring book is a good quiet activity; we love this customised one from Etsy or these free download sheets from Lovely Indeed to make your own colouring booklet.

Add some crayons or pencils (maybe stay away from any sort of marker to avoid any destruction!), bubbles and a small jigsaw or game. Complete your pack with a wedding themed picture book like The Scarecrows’ Wedding by author of kid’s (and parent’s) favourite, The Gruffalo. ways-to-keep-kids-entertained-at-your-wedding

Sweet Tooth

You may have seen our recent Facebook post on the cute cupcake decorating idea for children at your wedding, supplying your mini guests with a plain iced cupcake set on own little tray of various sprinkles and sweets to decorate their own dessert. Other sweetie ideas could be to decorate their own gingerbread bride and groom with icing pens and treats.

For more sweet inspired DIY, let them create their own candy necklaces with string and ring jelly sweets that they can thread through.

Candy carts or pick and mix tables are really popular the the moment too, your mini guests will love to pick their favourites (and adults enjoy it too!) You can see some of our favourite candy suppliers – and even an ice cream tricycle – here.



Snap Happy

This generation of kids are tech savvy and used to taking a picture on a phone, so they will love the novelty of a good old disposable camera.

For extra fun, give them an I Spy challenge. Make a fun list of things they need to find, from the bride to the wedding cake and every time they find something on the list, they take a picture of it and tick it off until they fine them all. You can personalise your I Spy print like this one from Zazzle.

Keep the camera fun going with a photobooth. Make sure your supplier has plenty of funny props which the kids will love resulting in hilarious photos of the littlest of guests. See some of our photobooth favourite suppliers here.


Top Tips for Entertaining Little Guests

  • Your much thought about wedding menu is perfect for your big day, but don’t forget about the children. Chances are, your speciality canapes won’t suit your 4 year old nephew’s taste so maybe having some more kid-friendly snacks while you get your photographs taken will help the day go smoothly for everyone. Speak to your venue or caterer to see the children’s options available.


  • Involve the children in your day to try and prevent any tantrums. If you have only a small few children attending, give them each a job from the more traditional roles of page boy and flower girl to little fun tasks like throwing confetti or taking pictures with guests.


  • Know your audience! A kids table is a lovely idea to have all the children playing together, but if they are too young this could be a recipe for disaster. If you have concerns over what to do for the best, speak to their parents before the big day and plan the seating accordingly.


  • Accept kids are never going to do exactly what you want them to! You know what they say, never work with children or animals! Things may not go totally to plan when relying on a small child to carry out a task in an exact way, but hey – they are cute and you can look back and laugh, especially when your photographer captures them mid-meltdown and you can show them the hilarious picture in years to come!