How to entertain your wedding guests when you’re having your photos taken

wedding guest entertainment
Image: Nicola Garman Photography

You’ve just tied the knot, and now your photographer is whisking you off to take some romantic photographs. So what about your guests?  Here’s how to ensure they’ll never be bored. 


1. Book a magician

If you have a diverse range of age groups to cater to, choose something with wide-ranging appeal. Magicians are a wedding staple, and for good reason: a professional will be able to charm guests while performing intriguing tricks, and will keep the crowd laughing while you are indisposed.

2. Hire a photo booth

Similarly popular with all age groups are photo booths: few can resist the opportunity to stick on a silly hat and strike a pose. Some companies, such as Antics Photo Booth, offer the option to share the images instantly on Facebook and guests will love having the prints to remember your day by.

wedding guest games
Image: Crieff Photography

3.  Bring on the games

With an outdoor wedding, the options are almost limitless. For a fun afternoon, get a game of rounders going.  Every one of us has the rules to this ingrained in our memories from rainy afternoons at school, and you’re guaranteed to have a giggle.

4.  Have a wine and canapé tasting session

If you’re looking for something a bit more serious and grown-up, have a wine waiter on hand to guide interested guests through tasting a few different wines; you could even pair your canapés to match.

make your own cocktail
Image: Nicola Garman Photography

5.  Make your own cocktails

Alternatively, set up a ˜make your own’ bar. A qualified mixologist can demonstrate their techniques and let guests try their hand making their own cocktails.

6.   Incorporate your hobby

Some of the best ideas can take seed from your interests and hobbies. Interested in belly dancing? Ask your troupe to perform. Recently attended a juggling convention and loved it? Set up an open mic stage for your  guests to unveil their hidden talents.

Your entertainment can reflect your personality the same way your décor and theme can.