4 great winter honeymoon destinations

Winter might not seem like the best time to jet off on your honeymoon, but it can be a wonderful, quiet time in the tourism calendar to celebrate your new marriage with your partner. Here are four great places to visit in the winter months.

1. Australia

winter honeymoon australia

Perfect for sun worshippers, Australia’s hottest months are December through to February. Because it’s so huge, it might be a cool idea to tour the country and visit all the major spots like Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.


2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

winter honeymoon Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Famous for its February Carnival, Rio de Janeiro is a vibrant, colourful city full of things to do and see. You can relax on the famous Copacobana Beach, take a tour or even watch a football match at Maracan£ Football Stadium, or visit the famous Christ the Redeemer statue which overlooks the city from nearby Corcovado mountain.


3. Galle, Sri Lanka

winter honeymoon galle sri lanka

Famous for its stunning views, beautiful beaches and amazing food, Galle in Sri Lanka is the perfect retreat for a couple who just want to relax. If you want to explore, the historic city is a beautiful and easy to get around on foot.

4. The French Alps

winter honeymoon french alps

If you want to embrace your winter honeymoon and love being active, skiing and snowboarding on the French Alps would be perfect for you. There’s tons of resorts available to accommodate most budgets, and self catering is even available if you’re looking for the utmost privacy.