4 cool couples tell us about their alternative wedding entertainment!

Dinner and a DJ aren’t the only ways to show your wedding guests a good time. These four couples went the extra mile to keep their guests entertained!



alternative wedding entertainment

IMAGES | Rachel McNeil Photography

Melissa and Ross found a fun new way for their guests to boogie on down…

Who knew that dancing away in an almost completely silent room would be so much fun? For those of you have never experienced one, a silent disco is when everyone on the dance floor wears their own music-playing headset “ there are usually a few different channels to choose from, so you can tune into whichever one best suits your taste.

“We wanted all our guests to experience something new and different, that could be enjoyed by all age groups,” explains bride Melissa, who organised a silent disco through company Silent Knights for her wedding to Ross at Inglewood House and Spa last July. “Everyone got completely lost in the music and danced their hearts out. Guests who didn’t usually get up and dance at a wedding were breaking a sweat and cutting shapes on the dance floor!”



IMAGES | Julie Tinton Photography

Cherelle and Dayle drew up a fun new way to keep their guests entertained at their drinks reception…

“We knew that we might be with our photographer for some time and we wanted something to entertain the guests while we were gone,” says Cherelle. “I had previously been to a ball where there was a caricaturist and I thought it would be a fun and unique way to entertain the guests at our wedding both young and old, so I found NeilsArt Wedding Caricatures online and booked him right away.”

The feedback Cherelle and Dayle got back from their guests was instantaneous. “As soon as we came back from the photographs, everyone was coming up to us and showing us the fantastic drawings Neil had done for them “ judging by their smiles, they thought he was great!”



IMAGES | Crieff Photography

Hannah and James’ wedding booze drove in on a camper van – and stayed there all night!

Because Hannah and James were getting married in blank canvas venue Comrie Croft, they had to find a company to provide the bar. And when they came across the Camper Bar Company, they both knew they had found something special.

The couple got to choose whatever they liked to create their perfect bar menu, which meant the camper was stocked with some of their top tipples including James’ fave Brewdog beer.

“We got to choose two cocktails each, so I chose Mojitos and French Martinis and James chose Old Fashioneds and White Russians “ our guests loved it!”



IMAGE: Napier Wedding Photography

Natalie and Adam wanted their wee boys to have as much fun as the grown-ups on their wedding day…

Attending a wedding from start to finish can be tiring enough for a grown-up, not to mention a child, so it’s no surprise that couples are increasingly looking for fun ways to make the day special for younger guests.

This was certainly something on Natalie and Adam’s minds when planning their big day at Ingliston Country Club, as they have three young boys. A friend recommended The Event Nanny, who proved the idea solution to keep the kids entertained.

“After we booked Jenn The Event Nanny, she came over to meet the boys a few weeks before our wedding and chatted to them about what would happen on the day, and they ended up being really excited to spend the wedding with her,” recalls Natalie.

“When the day came, Jenn looked after the kids from 12pm until 2am, entertaining them with the mass of toys she brought, and carrying on with the food, bath and bed routine we use at home.

The kids absolutely love Jenn and still talk about her whenever the wedding day is mentioned. Knowing our boys were safe and cared for all day meant we could let our hair down!”