16 tips and tricks you should know when planning your big day

Psst! Looking for some tips to make your wedding planning a little easier?

We’re sharing these good-to-know tricks to give you a helping hand…

IMAGE: Andy Taylor Photography

1. Jewel control

When getting ready on the big day, put your jewellery on last; hairspray and perfume can damage diamonds and pearls. Oh, and to make your rings sparkle, clean gently with a toothbrush and soapy warm water


2. Weatherproof your outfit!

Getting hitched outside? Invest in a pair of heel stoppers (check out Clean Heels) to prevent your beautiful new shoes sinking in the mud and getting dirty. Always have a brolly on standby too; it is equally as useful in bright sunlight as it is in a downpour and makes a cute photo prop too!

Image: The Gibsons

3. Get wedding insurance

It’ll help protect you if a company goes bust


4. Playing fair

Not only are wedding fairs a brilliant place to find wedding suppliers and pick up inspiration, but they can help you stay on budget too. Some suppliers offer special discounts if you book them there and then. The same applies to designer weekends at bridal boutiques.


5. Keep your cake safe

Most cake companies and co-ordinators will know not to do this, but in case you’re going DIY: Make sure your cake isn’t sitting in direct sunlight. The cake will  melt and lose its shape; you could say it’ll shed tiers…


6. Be snap savvy

You don’t have to order your wedding album straight away if funds won’t allow; you can always get back in touch with the photographer after the wedding to arrange this. But be mindful of timing, tips Kirstin of Struve Photography. “If you’re after an album for Christmas, don’t wait until mid-November to get in touch with your photographer about it,” she says. “Albums take time to put together, and often lab companies have a deadline for final production dates. Plus, you don’t want your album getting caught up in the Christmas post!”

Image: The Gibsons

7. Save on decor

Hire a venue that’s already gorgeous, of course! Who needs to create an elaborate Kimye-style flower wall if you can nip out to Pollok Park (above) for Mother Nature’s finest?


8. It’s okay to repurpose

After the ceremony and photographs are done, you won’t really need your bouquets or aisle decor. Don’t put them to waste: incorporate them into your table centrepieces!


9. All together now

It takes three minutes, on average, to set up a group photo, so be sensible when planning how many you’d like. “Remember that you and your partner have to be in all the group shots too,” says photographer Emma Gray. “You’re much better going round your groups of friends and family members and joining them for a photo, with your photographer following you; it’s more natural, more enjoyable and will create a more modern shot.”

Image: Tracy Gow Photography


10. Sweet music

Love the sound of string quartets, but can’t quite afford one? Some downsize to a trio or duo, which will cost you less!


11. It’s in the bag

Things to pack in your wedding emergency kit: kirby grips, safety pins, stain remover, plasters and a list of all your wedding suppliers

Image: Top Table Photography

12. Hire a co-ordinator

They’ve got industry contact at their fingertips, can negotiate better deals and will be able to give you so many innovative ideas. Plus, they can be there on the wedding day to make sure everything runs smoothly.


13. Save your savings

Every time you get a cheeky discount on something, put the amount you saved directly into a savings account. It’ll all mount up and you can then put all that dolla towards your honeymoon!


14. Stacking up

Add dummy tiers to your cake to give the illusion of height, then serve portions from a cutting cake.

Image: Laura A Tiliman Photography

15. Got your number

Number your RSVPs on the back in pencil, so if anyone sends one without their names on, you’ll be able to figure out who it is.


16. Try before you buy

Before you put a deposit down on a dress, practice walking around and sitting down in it. Heck, have a wee boogie! You’ll be wearing it all day and some gowns are surprisingly heavy, so it’s important you feel comfortable. Never feel pressured into making a decision. Catch a band live before you book them; always sample your cake and food before you give the green light; go for hair and make-up trials. You’ve worked hard for your money, so spend it wisely.

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