16 reasons why your Scottish autumn wedding rocks!

Of the four seasons, I think autumn is my favourite. There’s just something about having a Scottish autumn wedding that feels all warm, cosy and romantic, not to mention it’s a great time to get outside for photographs!

Check out our 16 reasons why your Scottish autumn wedding rocks below¦

1. Our unrivalled Scottish scenery

ad200_autumnblogpostcollages_700x700px1It’s always stunning, but the colours of autumn just give it that extra pop. We really do think that our landscape here knocks the rest of the world out the park.

[Images: 1. Pitlochry 2. Loch Lomond 3. Falls of Clyde 4. Edinburgh Castle (Image by Jenni Douglas)]

2. Fireworks look awesome on a dark night

autumn5True, you can have fireworks any time of year (and you should!) but you really just can’t beat wrapping up warm and watching mesmerising bursts of colour against a misty autumnal sky.

[Image: 21cc Fireworks taken by Alan and Jackie Rankine “ Photographers]

3. ¦and sparklers are the most fun ever

autumn-sparklersEveryone, no matter what age they are, turns into a wean again when they get their gloved paws on a sparkly stick.

[Image: Let Love Sparkle sparklers]

4. Everyone wants a hot, comforting drink

ad200_autumnblogpostcollages_700x700px2And as we all know, hot drinks are the yummiest. You probably wouldn’t be able to get away with serving a cup of mulled wine or salted caramel rum hot chocolate at your drinks reception in summer *drools*.

[Image: 1. Mulled wine 2. Salted caramel hot chocolate]

5. Get creative with placenames

ad200_autumnblogpostcollages_700x700px3Our personal faves are acorns, spray painted leaves with slick calligraphy names written on or, if you can get them, teeny tiny pumpkins.

[Images: 1. Pumpkin placenames  2. Leaf calligraphy 3. Acorn with feathers]

6. Autumnal flowers are just to-die-for

ad200_autumnblogpostcollages_700x700px4Thistles, antique roses, astillbe, scabiosa, berries¦ there are so many gorgeous flowers to choose from even though the weather’s gone all baltic on us.

[Images: 1. Buttonhole 2. Cascading wild bouquet 3. Peach and orange posy 4. Regal purple bouquet]

7. Favours (and favour puns) are awesome and often edible

ad200_autumnblogpostcollages_700x700px5Funnies like ˜apple-y married’, ˜spread the love’ and ˜grounds for celebration’; all fantastic, all fun, and all edible. What’s not to love?

[Images: 1. Apple favours 2. Jam jars 3. Coffee favours]

8. Leaf confetti “ enough said

autumn17Confetti, made out of leaves. Not only is it a fun thing for you and your ˜maids (or even flower girls) to do together, but it looks lovely and fluttery and romantic, too.

[Images: Confetti made from leaves]

9. Everyone’s had their holidays

FAIRYTALE ASYLUM PHOTOGRAPHYCARRIE & LIAM (45 OF 53)Sure, some folks will be chasing some winter sun, but having a wedding in October or November means that most people will be suffering from a severe case of the holiday blues. Know what would cheer them up? Your wedding!

10. Even though it’s cold, the weather is beautiful

Image: Duke Photography

There’s nothing better than a crisp, cold autumnal day; bursts of sunshine through misty air and the frost on your breath. Getting married in autumn means you needn’t worry about whether it’s going to be warm or sunny “ presume it’s not, and enjoy the delicious late afternoon light.

11. So many décor ideas

ad200_autumnblogpostcollages_700x700px6¦and every one, an Instagrammer’s dream. Whether you go for dark and moody, bright and airy or stick with the traditional orange and gold colour palette, your big day will stand out from the rest. Not a pastel in sight!

[Images: 1. Dark wedding décor 2. Shades of autumn 3. Geometric copper table 4. Blue pumpkin tablescape]

12. Food, glorious food!

ad200_autumnblogpostcollages_700x700px7We’ve mentioned this a few times, but the food at a cold weather wedding is the best. Everyone is craving home comforts, so you can really go big on flavour. Forget fine dining size portions; this is big, hearty plates of grub and fun finger food time!

[Images: 1. Hearty sharing platter 2. Soup canapes 3. Hand-drawn menu board]

13. Candles. Candles everywhere

candles-in-autumnCandles don’t have quite the same effect in a light-filled ceremony room, but the darker days of autumn are perfect for really going to town with a host of flickering pillars.

[Image: Candle on log display]

14. Your photos will be uh-maz-ing

Image: Daniela Flores Photography

There’s just something about the season that makes every backdrop look magical. You can take a look at the full wedding featuring the gorgeous pic above on our blog, photographed by Daniela Flores at The Byre at Inchyra.

15. You get to use pumpkins

DIY pumpkin wedding centrepiece tutorial

Scoop out the insides and use them for flowers, personalise them with carving, cover them in glitter; the possibilities are endless. Check out our autumnal pumpkin centrepiece tutorial to get you started.

16. Flowers in your hair

ad200_autumnblogpostcollages_700x700px8Floral crowns do work all year round but, if you want to rock a woodland princess fairy vibe (which, obviously, you do) then flowers in your hair at this time of year add to the ethereal magic of your bridal look.

[Images: 1. Orange flowers to the side 2. Blackberry and rose crown 3. Crown with red dahlias]